About us:

Gethsemane Prayer Mission is an international Believer’s church that bases its foundation on the Word of God. It is located in the heart of Ludwigshafen am Rhein. In 2014, we celebrated 10 years of existence with grace granted by the Lord and Saviour. Our house is a house of prayer and all are welcome to come and fellowship.

Weekly Program

  • Wednesday: Prayer Intercession
  • Thursday: Counselling (Call to make an appointment)
  • Friday: Evening Prayer (last Friday of the Month –All Night Prayers)
  • Sunday: Church Service 11am-2:30pm
Bible Study in the Home Cells. We currently have 5 active home cells:
  • Monday: Ludwigshafen Süd
  • Tuesday: Hemshof & Mannheim
  • Wednesday: Germersheim
  • Thursday: Friesenheim

Church Ministries

We have various ministries in which our members are of service to God & man
We recommend our members to be involved in atleast one ministry:

  • Children's Ministry

    For our children, the youngest generation and God's chosen leaders of tomorrow.

  • Youth Ministry

    For the youthful and young in spirit. The next generation of God's soldiers.

  • Womens's Ministry

    For our sisters (& mothers) in Christ.

  • Men's Ministry

    For the brothers (& fathers) in Christ.

  • Joseph Ministry

    Currently supporting orphans in Uganda & Ghana.
    You can donate freely
    (Bank details are below)

  • Dance Ministry

    Praise and Worship ministry through Dance.

  • Church Choir

    Ministering through singing Praise and Worship songs.

Radio Broadcast

Day Time Radio Station
Sunday 9- 10am Sankofa FM
Tuesday 9- 10pm Radio Akwaaba FM
Wednesday 10- 11pm Sankofa FM
Friday 1- 4am Radio Akwaaba FM (All night with Teleconference. Dial in number +49 6151 627338827
Sunday 9- 10:30pm Radio Akwaaba FM Living with Sherry
For more information, call: +49 176 088122422


Gethsemane Prayer Mission e.V
Frankenthalerstr. 202, 67059 Ludwigshafen am Rhein
Court Register – Nr: VR 60044, Tax Number: 271361_LL/2
Email: gethsemaneprayermission@yahoo.com
Bank Account-Nr: 060088200 – Deutsche Bank BLZ:54570024